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About Us

MCSP is a broad-based inclusive alliance to prevent suicide.

MCSP members come from all backgrounds—community activists, advocates, legislators, public health and mental health professionals, coaches, consultants, nonprofit leaders, therapists, healing professionals, artists, authors, crisis workers, survivors of suicide attempts and people who have lost loved ones to suicide or are impacted by suicide.

We have a personal and professional passion for saving lives.

Our statewide coalition has actively worked for over 20 years to improve state and community linkages to reduce barriers to mental health, substance addiction recovery, domestic violence shelters and other community services.

Together we recognize the need for culturally responsive community-based support and training on suicide prevention. Each local community has a key role in ensuring community health and safety and forms a hub at the statewide level to mobilize key relationships for exchanging ideas for prevention activities

People in Park

MCSP’s Annual Leadership in Suicide Prevention Awards State House Event was held in person on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. We recognized these incredible awardees for their accomplishments in suicide prevention in Massachusetts.

    • Senator Julian Cyr and Representative Adrian Madaro: Co-Chairs of the Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. 

    • Jack Jordan:  Lifetime Achievement Award 

    • Cheryl Poppe: Secretary of the Department of Veterans Services 

    • The 988 Implementation Team 

    • Toy Burton: Founder, Dee Dee’s Cry 

    • Nora and John Salovardos: Montachusett Suicide Prevention Task Force 

    • John Cox: President of Cape Cod Community College 

    • Christine Guthery: SPARK Kindness 

Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee is the governing body responsible for the overall governance of the Coalition. Currently, the members are:

MCSP Staff (non-voting)
Jennifer Kelliher, Managing Director
Paula Tessier, Associate Director of Membership and Communications

State Agency Representatives
Danielle Bolduc, Director, Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program
Jessica McHugh, Department of Mental Health


Alliance for Equity Representative

Pata Suyemoto, Associate Director of Equity 

Lead Member Representatives

Barbara Nealon, Heywood Hospital
Larry Berkowitz, Riverside Trauma Center
Jessica van der Stad, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP),
Stephanie G. Kelly, Samaritans on Cape Cod, and the Islands

Associate Member Representatives

Susan Weinstein, Families for Depression Awareness
Nieisha Deed, Public Speaker, and Founder of PureSpark

Corporate Member Representatives

Beverly Costa-Ciavola, Cape Cod Neighborhood Support Coalition

Individual Member Representatives
Eileen Sandberg
James Greer
Laura B. Rosenthal

Regional Coalition Representatives
Joanna Bridger, Co-Chair, Greater Boston Regional Coalition, MCSP Associate Director of Equity
Debbie Helms, Co-Chair, Northeast Regional Coalition
Annemarie Matulis, Bristol County Regional Coalition for Suicide Prevention
Jennie M Babcock, Chair, Plymouth County Suicide Prevention Coalition,
Barbara Nealon, Co-Chair, Montachusett Suicide Prevention Task Force

Sarah Gaer, Co-Chair, Central MA Suicide Prevention Coalition
Eileen Davis, Co-Chair MetroWest Regional Coalition
Brian Berkel, President, Berkshire Regional Coalition
Maura Weir, Cape and Islands Regional Coalition

Karen Carreira, Co-Chair of the Pioneer Valley Regional Coalition

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