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Uplifting Visions:
Art in Changing Times

The MA Coalition for Suicide Prevention distributed a ‘Call for Artists’ to gather creative expressions and uplifting visions to inspire people, especially during challenging times. The response was incredible!

These artists will be featured on social media, the web, and our newsletter. Art matters and we wish to inspire people with the art received.

Thank you and congratulations to the 2023 Uplifting Visions Artists!

Alyssa Guerin Amy

Manion Andrew

Klein Dayna Altman

Eric Dean Davis

Geni Dedam

Heidi Kuhl (aka Harmony)

Jason Antaya

Jessica Cross

Jo-Ann Silvia

KatjaLynne Ross

Mari Champagne (aka Mars)

Marsia Shuron Harris/Mother Turtle

Martin Espinola

Mary Kate Farley

Natasha Corkren

Paula Tessier

Roxanne Daleo

LGBTQ Passion for Living
Amy Manion
Mari Champagneaka Mars
Uplifting Visions
Natasha Corkren
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