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Join a Subcommittee/Working Group

Get involved in the MSCP by joining a working subcommittee! See below for a list of current working subcommittees. If interested, please reach out to the listed contact information.​​

Advocacy & Advocacy Day

A Better Tomorrow

The Advocacy & Advocacy Day Subcommittee works with our legislative advocate on a proposed advocacy strategy and messaging to present to the Executive Committee as well as mobilize MCSP members to engage with their legislators. This group will work to plan MCSP/AFSP’s Annual Advocacy Day Event at the State House, including developing materials, messaging, and logistics. This group will also address other relevant suicide, online dating, prevention legislation as applicable.

Contact: or

Communication and Design


The Communications and Design Team will work on expanding MCSP branding, presence, and social media content to foster collaboration of suicide prevention efforts in MA. We promote awareness and education of suicide prevention. This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in expanding the dialogue around what suicide prevention is and using different platforms to spread awareness and hope.

Contact: Paula Tessier at

MCSP Alliance for Equity

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MCSP Alliance for Equity is comprised of the People of Color Caucus and the White Ally Caucus.  The two groups mostly work together (occasionally separating into affinity groups for certain conversations) to inform the Coalition’s priorities and work and to ensure that the MCSP is actively moving toward becoming more socially just and equitable. 


The Alliance for Equity informs the work of the coalition at all levels, from the Executive Committee to the General Membership, through providing feedback on things like MCSP’s priority areas and the revised version of the Statewide Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention

We also conduct workshops, presentations and webinars on social justice and equity. Our Widening the Lens Toolkit, along with several webinars we have done for DPH, is available as a resource on our here

Contact for People of Color Caucus: Pata Suyemoto at

Contact for White Ally Caucus: Jennifer Kelliher at

Structural Development/Governance

In a Meeting

The Structural Development and Governance committee is responsible for ensuring that the structure of the MCSP effectively supports the work and values of the Coalition. This committee has drafted Bylaws as well as Policies and Procedures and will continue to review them on a regular basis to ensure that the documents accurately reflect the structure and vision of the MCSP.  This committee is also responsible for reviewing proposals for changes to the MCSP’s priorities and structures and making a recommendation to the Executive Committee about whether the proposal should be accepted, and if so, how it should be implemented.


Contact: Susan Weinstein at

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