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The MCSP’s mission is to prevent suicide through statewide collaboration and advocacy.

MCSP Goals

The goals of the coalition are to support and develop effective suicide prevention initiatives through leadership and advocacy, promote collaboration among organizations, develop and recommend policy and promote research and development.


The MCSP has 7 priority areas

1.  Advocacy
Engage at the state level to advance MCSP’s legislative goals and ensure continued funding for statewide suicide prevention 

2.  Structural Development and Governance 
Promote effective governance and ensure alignment between MCSP structure and MCSP goals and priorities

3.  Strategic Plan Evaluation 
Promote implementation of and evaluate effectiveness and impact of the Statewide Strategic Plan 

4.  Regional Coalitions
Support each of our 10 Regional Coalitions in developing and implementing suicide prevention programs and activities across the state

5.  Membership
Recruit and retain dues-paying members to engage stakeholders and provide funding for advocacy efforts

6.  Communications
Promote effective and consistent communication and messaging around suicide prevention, awareness, and the work of the MCSP with our regional coalitions, and ensure that the MCSP is voice for suicide prevention across the state 

7.  Social Justice and Racial Equity
Ensure that the MCSP is actively working toward equity within our work on the coalition, and that we are making the necessary changes to ensure that our coalition, both in structure and function, will reflect our values of social justice and racial equity.

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