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Protest Signs
Protest Signs

MCSP believes that social justice work is suicide prevention.  Only by acknowledging and examining inequity and systems of oppression will we be able to address the root causes of health disparities, resulting in better physical and mental health outcomes for communities and individuals who are often underreached and underserved by ‘mainstream’ suicide prevention efforts.


Equity is at the forefront of all our work. We are committed to doing the work necessary to incorporate social justice and equity into every level of the organization.



MCSP Alliance for Equity

MCSP Alliance for Equity is comprised of the People of Color Caucus and the White Ally Caucus.  The two groups mostly work together (occasionally separating into affinity groups for certain conversations) to inform the Coalition’s priorities and work and to ensure that the MCSP is actively moving toward becoming more socially just and equitable. 
The Alliance for Equity informs the work of the coalition at all levels, from the Executive Committee to the General Membership, through providing feedback on things like MCSP’s priority areas and the revised version of the Statewide Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention

We also conduct workshops, presentations and webinars on social justice and equity. Our Widening the Lens Toolkit, along with several webinars we have done for DPH, is available as a resource on our here

Contact for People of Color Caucus: Pata Suyemoto at
Contact for White Ally Caucus: Jennifer Kelliher at


Download the Widening the Lens Toolkit

Equity Webinars

LGBTQ Passion for Living
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