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Loss and Attempt Survivor Support

If you are in immediate crisis, dial 988. (Also see Crisis and Support Navigation section)

The location and sites of support meetings are always changing to accommodate the participants. Here are two key sites to find out more about support groups in your area.

The Get Help section of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention lists support opportunities

based on your needs. See link: Get help | AFSP.

Alliance for Hope has support resource information for healing and remembrance. See link: Suicide Loss

Survivors | Alliance of Hope

Books of Interest to Loss and Attempt Survivors

A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor by Robert Baugher and Marc Calija

Suicide Survivors-A Guide for Those Left Behind by Adina Wrobleski

After Suicide by John Hewitt

After Suicide Loss-Coping with your Grief: Jack Jordan and Bob Baugher

Child Survivors of Suicide: A Guidebook for Those Who Care for Them by Rebecca Parkin

Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One by Ann Smolin and John Guinan

After Suicide: A Ray of Hope by Eleanora Ross

In The Wake of Suicide: Stories of the People Left Behind by Victoria Alexandria

Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide by Christopher Lukas and Henry Seiden

Grief After Suicide by John R. Jordan and John L. McIntosh

Why People Die By Suicide by Thomas Joiner

No Time to Say Goodbye by Carla Fine

Someone I Love Died by Suicide by Doreen Cammarata

Dying to Be Free by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch

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